As we approach the 2024 elections, the atmosphere reverberates with heightened anticipation.  It is clear that we’re entering a particularly passionate political season. In such tempestuous times, our nation needs anchors of stability. 

That’s why we urge believers to embrace Christian Civic Disciplines and to take the pledge to become advocates against political violence.  We are helping christians prepare our hearts and minds for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Will you join us?

Join us in our work for better political representation, more just and compassionate policies, and a healthier political culture


A new generation of urban Christians must address today’s dilemmas with courage, kindness, and unshakeable faith.

Better Representation

Ensure that our powerful sociopolitical perspective is represented in the public square.

Just & Compassionate Policies

Promote a commitment to redemptive justice (&) values-based policy

Healthier Political Culture

Challenge corruption and call all people to use the power God has given them for the good of others.



As Christians, we are called to civic and community engagement.

We have a duty to impact culture in a manner that reflects the truth (&) love of Jesus Christ. This commission includes participation in the political arena, wherein actions or inaction can have a profound effect on all aspects of society. Life, freedom and the general well-being of all citizens can be significantly enhanced or diminished by political dynamics.

Urban Christians have a unique and powerful sociopolitical perspective that is not fully represented by either of the two predominant political ideologies. It is a Gospel-centered worldview that is committed to redemptive justice (&) values-based policy. However, we have allowed the urban political class to abandon the latter.

We do not have the luxury of either focusing on social justice or values-based issues; both affect the foundation of our communities and are inseparably tied together. A new generation of urban Christians must address today’s dilemmas with courage, kindness and an unshakeable faith. We must speak truth with compassion (&) conviction. We must echo the good news in prayer and public witness for the common good.




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Be ready

Be prayerful and answer the call to act together with the AND Campaign.


Civic Revival – Akron, OH

Civic Revival - Akron, OH

Wingfoot Church – 1690 Hillside Terrace Akron, OH 44305
August 3, 2024