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The AND Campaign's Guide to Faithful Civic Engagement

Justin Giboney, Michael Wear,
Chris Butler


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Should LGBTQIA People Trust The Bible?

On this episode from Jude 3 Project, David Bennett discussed whether LGBTQIA people should trust the Bible.
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Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon and Antony Blinken

Justin and Chris discuss the California governor's announcement about bringing the National Guard in to help fight San Francisco's drug problem. They also talk about the spy letter orchestrated by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the firing of Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon.
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Justin Giboney’s Heirs of Action Keynote Speech

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The Federal Fairness for All Act

‪Religious Liberty vs. LGBTQ Rights? Our political system is broken because groups who disagree won’t work together for the common good. That must change! We can protect our LGBTQ neighbors without violating our Christians convictions. Support the Fairness for All Act. #AND2020‬
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Dr. Carl Ellis Jr – “When Theology Clashes with Political Ideology”

Dr. Carl Ellis gives us a detailed explanation about the differences in political ideologies. These are clips from his talk "The Gospel and Political Engagement"


Be prayerful and vigilant about the issues affecting our nation and your neighbors. When it’s time, answer the call to act together with the AND Campaign coalition. This could be a march or a vote, but it should be informed, strategic, and coordinated. Until then, consider how you can respond to challenges around you with compassion and conviction each day, starting now. When Christians speak together through the AND Campaign, it should be a megaphone for faithfulness already in action, not a surprise about what Christians believe.