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ATLANTA, GA--Founded in 2016, The AND Campaign has become a trusted source of fresh and faithful Christian leadership in American politics. Today, The AND Campaign announces several strategic hires that will even more firmly establish the organization’s place in the future of Christian political and cultural engagement. 

Former White House staffer, Michael Wear, who led religious outreach for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, is joining The AND Campaign’s executive leadership team as its Chief Strategist. 

The AND Campaign is also pleased to welcome Dr. CJ Rhodes to its executive leadership team as AND’s Public Theologian-in-Residence. Rhodes leads Mt. Helm Baptist Church, the oldest historically black church in Jackson, Mississippi. He also serves as an adjunct professor at Alcorn State University and Wesley Biblical Seminary. A graduate of Duke Divinity School, Rhodes is a nationally-recognized preacher, and is looked to by fellow clergy and lay leaders for guidance on how to apply the teachings of the Christian faith to matters of public life. 

"Both Michael Wear and Dr. CJ Rhodes exemplify the new Christian voice emerging in America's sociopolitical space. Their approach is much needed because it isn't limited by the partisan hang ups or ideological narratives at the heart of our country's political impasse,” said President and CEO of The AND Campaign, Justin Giboney. “It's a fresh perspective that's guided by Christian principles, especially the obligation to advocate for the marginalized. Their experience and expertise are major assets to AND's objective of representing a clear and credible Christian viewpoint in the public square.” 

"I'm thrilled to join The AND Campaign,” said Dr. Rhodes. “The black church has a long history of putting faith to work in order to improve society and public policy. As a pastor and theologian within that tradition, I see The AND Campaign as the vanguard movement for this generation of faith-based justice advocacy." 

“I am grateful to Justin for the opportunity to join him and CJ in the work of The AND Campaign,” Michael Wear added. “Our strength as an organization lies in the integrity, conviction and compassion of our community. At a time when our politics can be so cynicism-inducing, AND will continue to exemplify a different way that places people and principle over the parochial and self-serving politics of the present. As midterm elections approach, and with a presidential campaign just around the corner, Christians can know that The AND Campaign will be right in the thick of it, and that now is the time to join our efforts together for the good of our neighbors and our nation.” 

Michael Wear and Dr. CJ Rhodes’ full biographies are available at www.theandcampaign.com/michael-wear and www.theandcampaign.com/dr-cj-rhodes

In the coming months, The AND Campaign will continue to expand its operations in order to advance its mission to educate and organize Christians for civic and cultural engagement that results in better representation, more just and compassionate policies and a healthier political culture. 

For those interested in providing financial support to The AND Campaign in this critical time, visit: www.theandcampaign.com/support 

Learn more about The AND Campaign, and to join the AND community as a member, email: Engage@andcampaign.org 

For press-related inquiries, contact Michael Wear: mwear@andcampaign.org 

The AND Campaign represents a community of Christians committed to improving the way believers engage politics and culture, and determined to disrupt America’s sociopolitical arena by asserting the justice (&) righteousness of Jesus Christ.