I was a church girl in a situation. Single and pregnant. My baby’s father gave me money to get an abortion. I was slightly tempted to abort my son Robert Earl, but I did not. I had too much church influence to abort my son. I remembered the scripture in Proverbs 6:17 where God says He hates the hands that shed innocent blood. I made the decision to carry and keep my baby. Instead of using that money for an abortion, I took that money to help me maintain my living expenses while I was off work to have my baby.

I have never regretted having my son. My son has brought me so much joy. I had a “village” to help me raise my son. My family was there to provide love and support for me and my son. The Lord even provided men to mentor my son. Today, my son is 35 years old. Robert graduated from college. He is an on-fire Christian that sings and works to mentor other young people. His life is truly making a difference for many. A life worth saving from an abortion.