Are you passionate about building bridges in our communities and fostering compassion and conviction this election year? Then meet us at the Civic Revival Tour, brought to you by the AND Campaign, as we journey through the election year in person in a city near you!

What to Expect:

  • Engaging Workshops: Participate in interactive workshops designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to advocate for positive change in your community. From voter education to grassroots organizing, we’ll cover a range of topics essential for effective civic engagement.

  • Inspiring Speakers: Hear from inspiring speakers who are leading the charge for social justice, political reform, and community empowerment. Gain insights and perspectives from diverse voices that will challenge and motivate you to make a difference.

  • Meaningful Dialogue: Engage in meaningful conversations with fellow participants, and live podcast recording of Church Politics Podcast


What is the Civic Revival Tour?

The Civic Revival Tour is a dynamic movement aimed at reinvigorating civic engagement and promoting civil discourse across the nation. As a nonpartisan organization committed to biblical values and social justice, we’re embarking on a transformative journey to empower individuals to become informed, active citizens in their communities. 

Register for a city near you below:

As we approach the 2024 elections, the atmosphere reverberates with heightened anticipation.  It is clear that we’re entering a particularly passionate political season. In such tempestuous times, our nation needs anchors of stability. The AND Campaign believes the church can stand as the beacon of balance and clarity. Yet, we must remember, just as a baseball player doesn’t spontaneously hit a home run in a crucial moment without countless hours of preparation, Christians, too, require nurtured discipline to face pivotal political moments with grace and wisdom.
That’s why we urge believers to embrace Christian Civic Disciplines and to take the pledge against political violence.  We are helping christians prepare our hearts and minds for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Will you join us?

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