My mom was diagnosed with a cyst in her breast. She was three months pregnant at the time of the diagnosis. The doctors were not sure if the cyst would develop into cancer. The doctors told her that she would need to undergo surgery to remove the cyst. Doctors advised my mother that to ensure a successful surgery, she would need to abort me. My parents told the doctors that they did not want to abort their baby, but wanted to pray about the situation.

They prayed about it and my parents decided against abortion. When it was time for my mom to have the surgery, she was 7 months pregnant and the doctors warned her that I would not survive. The doctors had my mom sign a disclosure agreement saying that if the baby died they would not be responsible. The procedure was a success and I survived! The doctors then advised that although I survived the surgery, the medication would cause me to have abnormalities in the brain. Two months later, my mother, having a natural birth, had me and I was healthy with no deformities! The doctors were amazed. My mother and I had no complications. My mom told me, “that I felt like you were going to be intelligent and smart.” She also tells me that she knows for a fact that I was born because God has a plan for my life.”